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The foundation supports projects supplying sports equipment such as footballs, bibs, cones and artificial football pitches to support the right to play and recreational activities.

Many young people live in poor communities.

Schools cannot always afford to supply their students with adequate equipment. As a result, children are not motivated to practise sport, which is critical to their health and character.

In the past,

children often played outside and particularly football was played in the streets.

Today, in some countries, there is an absence of open spaces and an increase in traffic. Additionally, children are playing inside more with the prevalence of video games and the internet. These factors are leading to less street play and less street football.

By providing football equipment and infrastructure,

we are encouraging children to play outside more often.

Infrastructure and materials projects

Growing up with dignity
Kick the Ball, Save our Wildlife
Learn&Play – Equal educational and sports opportunities for all children!
Extension of the Unis Vers le Sport school in Mali
Building More Than a Place to Play in the Brazilian Northeast
Spirit of Soccer: MINE/ COVID-19 Risk Education
Empowering children from La Matanza through sport, culture and education
Play for Equality
Generation Sport 2022
Live together II
sport terrain

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