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The foundation has always enjoyed close links with sport. Sport is one of the great schools of life, helping children to develop their motor skills, express themselves and learn social skills.

The foundation supports projects

that promote sport for children. It focuses on the social and educational roles of the sports programmes that it supports.

By practising sport regularly,

children learn life values through play, such as respect, team spirit, diligence, courtesy and personal commitment, which are indispensable for their future social and professional integration.

All children have the right to play

and to practise sport in safe environments. The foundation supports sports infrastructure projects and provides sports equipment to enable children to practise sport.

Access to sport projects

Promoting Sports to Build Resilience in Rural Nicaragua
Creating a Sport dans la Ville holiday and training centre for 8,000 young people
Mbo Mpenza Challenge
Education and sport for street-working children in Afghanistan
Girls on Track
RISE – Beyond Goals 2
Bringing Fun Football back to Children in Syria
Kick the Ball, Save Our Wildlife
Finding My Potential
Smiles for Children – Disability and the COVID-19 health crisis

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Your generous donation will help to support the various programmes run by the foundation and its partners, which are working to improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged children around the world. It also represents an important source of encouragement for everyone working on the ground. All private donations made to the foundation go straight to its operations and those of its partners on the ground.