Your generous donation will help to support the various programmes run by the foundation and its partners, which are working to improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged children around the world. It also represents an important source of encouragement for everyone working on the ground.All private donations made to the foundation (minus bank charges and fees paid to telephone providers) go straight to its operations and those of its partners on the ground.

Our Comminments

Spending by the UEFA Foundation for Children is monitored by an internationally renowned audit firm applying the rigorous International Financial Reporting Standards. We have put in place a system of internal and external audits allowing the verification of all data, as well as comprehensive financial procedures.

The external auditor will produce a yearly report, which will be sent to donors. In addition, the foundation’s own annual report will contain data on its budget and spending, as well as information on its operations on the ground. That annual report will be made available in September of each year, with the first report being published this year.