Location and general information

Location Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia
Start date 01/10/2024
End date 11/30/2024
Cost of the project €7,476,965
Foundation funding €200,000
Project identifier 20230432
Partners Association for Sport, Recreation and Education – Youth Games
Categories Access to Sport - Environmental protection - Gender Equality - Healthy lifestyle - Infrastructure and equipment


More than 2,750,000 have competed in the 27 years since they began.

In 2024, the games will be held in four countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Primary and secondary-school-age children compete in ten sports free of charge, and the most successful individuals and teams get to travel to Split to take part in the international finals.

In addition to the games, the association organises regular sports and recreational activities for children, to promote health, tolerance and ethical values. The association promotes a lifestyle based on understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play as an alternative to addiction and deviant behaviour.

Project goals

  • Bring children and teenagers together to actively take part in sport and recreational activities
  • Education and development of a positive atmosphere and affirmation of children and teenagers through sport and friendship as an alternative to various forms of addiction and deviant behaviour
  • Educational content that has been promoted through all activities and has been set up as a modern and up-to-date message from young people to young people is a significant contributor to preventing of all types of addiction and ties in with health and social programmes

In 2024, we expect to involve more than 315,000 participants from all countries. One of the goals this year is to expand our presence to more than 300 cities and 19,000 female football players. The national finals in all four countries will attract 8,000 participants and the international finals will involve 1,500 participants, for whom we cover all expenses – accommodation, travel and competition fees.

Project content

Sport is used as a medium to connect with the participants aged 7–18 through tournaments held in over 300 cities in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. The Youth Sports Games promote a healthy lifestyle and popularise all ten sports (football, street basketball, handball, volleyball, beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, chess, dodgeball and athletics), as well as educating the participants about sustainability. A special focus is placed on the football tournaments for girls that will attract around 19,000 young female footballers in four countries.


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