Location and general information

Location Peru
Start date 01/01/2023
End date 06/30/2024
Cost of the project €97,915
Foundation funding €47,128
Project identifier 20220801
Partners Fundación Athletic Club
Categories Access to Sport - Children with disabilities - Environmental protection - Gender Equality - Healthy lifestyle - Infrastructure and equipment - Personal development


The project is based on one of the world’s greatest success stories in building a local caring community: Villa El Salvador in Lima, Peru. Following the Shining Path Communist party’s violent insurgency, the military government worked directly with the community to develop an alternative to eviction for 4,000 homeless families in Lima. The government surveyed and divided up a large piece of vacant land south of the city, offering lots to any family in Lima that needed housing. These lots were organised into residential units: groups of several blocks each featuring a central plaza as a natural space for community organisation. The resulting town, Villa El Salvador, was awarded various distinctions, including the title of Messenger City of Peace by UNESCO and the Príncipe de Asturias Prize by Spain the same year, both in 1987. It is probably the most famous shanty town in Peru.

Unity and strength have always been part and parcel of Villa El Salvador. Inspired by and modelled on this, the VillaGol: Football for Life project is essentially a preventive project that aims to ensure that children spend their free time on appropriate sports and recreational activities, thus reducing the risk of them engaging in dangerous risky behaviour.

Project goals

The project's objectives are to reinforce cohabitation values among this very diverse population through football, using the sport as a tool to bring communities together and tackle social problems; to prevent violence among young people by promoting peace and coexistence, and to promote women's sports. The aim is to promote the integration of children and adolescents through recreational activities to prevent them from engaging in risky behaviour.

Project content

  1. Planning the VillaGol programme in sports schools
  2. Coordinating and implementing security measures
  3. Training coaches holding a C license awarded by the Peruvian Football Federation
  4. Providing educational and sports equipment for annual competitions
  5. Repairing and refurbishing the clubhouse (painting and lighting fixtures)
  6. Paying administrative staff


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