Location and general information

Location Honduras, Trinidad
Start date 01/01/2024
End date 12/31/2024
Cost of the project €15,640
Foundation funding €10,640
Project identifier 20230575
Partners educate
Categories Access to Sport - Gender Equality - Healthy lifestyle - Personal development


Honduras has the highest rate of economic inequality in Latin America and over 60% of the population lives in poverty. The NGO educate. is based in the rural department of Santa Bárbara, where barely half of children go to the end of primary school. Even for those who do encounter very few opportunities for personal development, creating a sense of belonging and engaging meaningfully in the community. Sport has both an educational and a social role and can help young people acquire the values, skills and confidence they need on and off the sports field.

Project goals

  • Help young people develop a sense of unity and belonging to a community through sport
  • Help young people develop core values and soft skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication through sport and monthly workshops
  • Train young people to lead projects, helping them to gain leadership skills, confidence and practical experience
  • Promote meaningful participation in the community by engaging young people in organising and leading community sport events
  • Create spaces for children and young people in rural communities to participate in engaging community sports events that promote active involvement in sport in the longer term
  • Actively promote gender equality by ensuring at least 50% of participants are girls
  • Reach 500+ children and teenagers

Project content

Based at a youth centre in the rural town of Trinidad, Santa Bárbara, educate. runs a variety of educational programmes to support low-income and vulnerable youngsters.

The NGO has access to a community football pitch and, after training three youth leaders, will host activities every Saturday morning. The activities will focus on football but also explore other sports, encouraging participants to build active, healthy lifestyles, while also fostering positive values, soft skills and gender equality.

Project participants, led by youth leaders, will then organise and lead their own sports events such as sports days in the community, in local villages and at nearby children’s homes.

The project also comprises monthly workshops on different personal development topics, including leadership, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, assertive communication and young people’s rights, ensuring holistic support for all participants in their personal development journeys.


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