Location and general information

Location Indonesia
Start date 12/20/2022
End date 12/19/2023
Cost of the project €30,000
Foundation funding €20,000
Project identifier 20220009
Partners ASA Foundation (Yayasan ASA Asia)
Categories Access to Sport - Environmental protection - Gender Equality - Healthy lifestyle - Infrastructure and equipment - Personal development - Strengthening partnerships


Garut has high levels of poverty, with poor levels of education, health and development, and discrimination against women and girls.

Furthermore, Indonesia is now one of the world’s largest plastic waste producers, creating over 3.2 million tonnes of plastic waste per year. A lack of public awareness of waste management, together with a lack of investment, means that there is no easy solution to Indonesia’s waste problems. There is an urgent need for locally-owned and community-driven solutions, such as an accessible and cost-effective waste management infrastructure.

Project goals

To train, educate, empower and build the capacity of 30 local male and female school teachers and over 5,000 vulnerable male and female students, with 50% female participation, on the topics of the circular economy, health, life skills and gender equality in order to improve the level of education, create positive social change and guarantee cleaner, greener Garut communities.

Project content

I. Programme planning, design and socialisation

Through its DINAS, DISPORA and PSSI stakeholder group partnerships, the ASA Foundation conducts project socialisation, planning and design workshops comprising baseline studies and needs assessments. During this phase, our stakeholders recommend potential target schools together with adult teachers to implement the virtual programme. The teachers’ CVs are submitted to the ASA Foundation.

II. Design and development of the training platform

A collaborative empowerment approach involves all our stakeholders, which are invited to include their own education modules in our curriculum design process. The curriculum, in both local Bahasa Indonesian and English languages, is scheduled to be rolled out during the Training of Trainer (ToT) workshop. The training modules are to be updated throughout the program through continuous feedback from all stakeholders.

III. Implementation of the ToT programme, UEFA Foundation for Children ‘Field in a Box’ football pitch, Garut City, West Java, Indonesia

The ToT workshop will be run by local ASA Foundation master trainers to build the capacity of 30 male and female school teachers so that they can deliver the football-based education training modules. The teachers are trained and empowered through the coaching development methodology that covers the following topics:

  1. The circular economy and waste management development, including recycling plastic materials to produce sports training equipment
  2. Life skills development including creative thinking, character building, and gender equality
  3. Health and well-being education including virus prevention measures by focusing on hygiene and sanitation information during the current pandemic

The ToT workshop is to be held at the UEFA Foundation for Children Field in a Box pitch in Garut City.

IIII. Running the youth development training activities in schools

On completion of the ToT workshop, the 30 adult teachers are expected to lead weekly grass-roots youth development coaching activities for their respective male and female student groups, either in school as extra-curricular activities or in their communities. The activities are geared towards long-term sustainability.


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