Location and general information

Location Afghanistan
Start date 01/01/2019
End date 03/31/2020
Cost of the project €120,000
Foundation funding €51,746
Project identifier ASI - 2018502
Partners AFRANE (Franco-Afghan friendship)
Categories Personal development


Founded in 1980 to provide assistance to the people of Afghanistan, AFRANE (Franco-Afghan friendship) began to specialise in education in 1996. Its current activities are mainly focused on teacher training, school construction and the provision of educational equipment.

AFRANE believes that children’s access to education is essential for the sustainable reconstruction of the country. Its motto is ‘Education, the best way to peace’. It is in this context that the UEFA Foundation for Children is supporting a project that aims to improve secondary education in Kabul and Parwan provinces, and to build a sports pitch.

Project content

The project aims to support Afghan schools and enhance secondary education in Parwan and Kabul provinces by raising the standard of science and IT teaching, providing equipment to 16 schools and training 460 teachers on the one hand, and by creating a healthy and stimulating learning environment through participation in sport on the other.


  • To expand the existing accommodation programme.
  • The project has three pillars:
    1. Improving science teaching in Kabul and Parwan provinces
    2. Improving access to IT for secondary school pupils in the cities of Kabul and Charikar
    3. Raising awareness of the benefits of participating in sport

Project activities

Improving science teaching

Laboratories play a key role in promoting active, experiment-based learning and put the pupil at the centre of the learning process. It is difficult to develop a scientific mind if you have never been able to conduct experiments yourself. This is why a science teacher training programme (covering chemistry, physics and biology) is being organised in collaboration with the national science centre (part of the Afghan ministry of education).

Improving access to IT

Currently, most university students and school-leavers have no computer skills whatsoever. AFRANE, which has been increasing its IT-related activities over the last few years, will continue to train teachers and provide schools with IT equipment in 2019 and 2020.

Raising awareness of the benefits of participating in sport

AFRANE would like to create a healthy, stimulating learning environment in the schools within its network. With this in mind, two sports pitches have been built in the city of Charikar.

A new 260m2 sports pitch will soon be built at a girls’ school at the request of its head teacher. Relatively few Afghan girls participate in sport. In order to ensure that their involvement is accepted and perceived positively by all pupils, AFRANE will organise a training session for teachers from several schools, who will be able to share their opinions on participation in sport and its positive effects on education in general, and non-violence awareness in particular.

Expected results

The ultimate beneficiaries of AFRANE’s activities are the pupils, who receive a better standard of teaching.

  • 55,200 schoolchildren (54% of whom are girls) benefit from higher-quality science teaching and improved access to IT education.
  • A new IT suite is opened in Kabul or Charikar.
  • A 260m2 sports pitch is built (football and volleyball).
  • 1,200 girls benefit from a sports pitch at their school.
  • 375 teachers receive training (240 in science, 120 in IT and 15 in raising non-violence awareness through sport).
  • The 375 teachers who receive training are observed in the classroom in order to check that they are using the teaching methods taught during the AFRANE training courses. Group remedial classes are organised for the teachers.
  • 100 teachers from dangerous enclaves in Parwan province are trained in mathematics and science.
  • The needs of 16 laboratories are analysed and funding provided to equip at least four of them.
  • A computer is provided for the libraries of 12 of the 16 supported schools.


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