Location and general information

Location Le Poët-Laval (France)
Start date 11/30/2022
End date 11/29/2023
Cost of the project €674,000
Foundation funding €100,000
Project identifier 20220257
Partners Sport dans la Ville
Categories Access to Sport - Healthy lifestyle - Infrastructure and equipment - Personal development


Sport dans la Ville has always sought to offer holidays to the young people that it supports, to give them a break from their everyday lives and broaden their horizons. One in four children does not have a summer holiday and the pandemic has only made things worse, accentuating the difficulties faced by youngsters living in disadvantaged areas. Not going on holiday means not having the opportunity to unwind, discover new things, spend time in nature and meet new people. Holidays can change lives; they are essential to every child’s personal and educational development, giving them strength and motivation. That is why Sport dans la Ville has built its own summer camp and training centre to welcome youngsters its supports who cannot otherwise get away. 

Project goals

Sport dans la Ville wants to offer holidays to increasing numbers of children. The goal for the 2023 season is to organise five camps for 500 young people that the organisation supports and 50 from partner organisations abroad (i.e. 110 youngsters at each camp). 

Project content

The activities will be run by experienced Sport dans la Ville educational teams. The centre is located on the Chabotte estate, surrounded by nature.

Its exceptional location makes it the perfect place to try new things and pick up new habits in the best conditions possible. The camps will focus on four themes that young people from disadvantaged areas often consider irrelevant but which are in fact essential to a better life: movement, food, nature and openness. 

  • Movement: move more, become aware of your body, feel the pleasure of exercise and do creative activities.  
  • Food: aim for a varied diet, discover meals that delight the taste buds, and make cooking and eating a shared experience. 
  • Nature: live in communion with nature by learning to discover and respect a new environment. 
  • Openness: open up to others by participating in intercultural exchanges in the region of Drôme Provençale, discovering local heritage (lavender, nougat and ceramics) and welcoming participants from partner organisations in Britain, the United States and Brazil. 

After the holidays are over, Sport dans la Ville will ensure the youngsters it supports apply the good habits they adopted while away on the sports pitches back at home. 


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