Location and general information

Location Ukraine
Start date 03/01/2022
End date 12/31/2022
Cost of the project €43,124
Foundation funding €35,640
Project identifier 20210735
Partners Shakhtar Social
Categories Access to Sport - Children with disabilities - Personal development


According to the Ukrainian ministry of youth and sports research, only 6,000 children with disabilities were involved in sports in 2019, i.e. only 3.7% of the disabled children registered by the Ukrainian state statistics committee in that year. This compares to almost one-third in the UK (My Active Future: Including every child, 2020).

Project content

Score without barriers is a football project to promote social cohesion, teach coaches about social inclusion in sports, provide equal opportunities for disabled children to play football, improve sports access and boost extracurricular education. The 180 children will take part in free football sessions and masterclasses delivered by FC Shakhtar players or coaches in six cities in Ukraine, including two frontline locations in eastern Ukraine.


The project aims to improve access to sports, football in particular, for 180 children with disabilities, teach 50 coaches about disability sports, promote social inclusion and children's rights. Specific free football sessions and masterclasses will be delivered by Shakhtar Social’s coaches and FC Shakhtar players or coaches annually for 180 children.

Project activities

The programme will include three major activities:

  • Training in disability football for 50 grassroots coaches from various regions of Ukraine, including Shakhtar Social’s The training will be conducted over three days at the FC Shakhtar Academy near Kyiv. The local expert in grassroots football and ‘disability football’ will deliver the sessions, which will cover a few major topics: grassroots football, inclusive football sessions, football children with disabilities, tolerance and respect in grassroots football (approaches preventing violence and bullying).
  • Free football sessions of the Score without Barriers project that will be run twice a week by a coach and two volunteers at six locations in Ukraine: Chervonohrad (west), Mykolaiv and Kherson (south), Zaporizhzhia, Popasna and Pokrovsk (east). The coach will train 30 children per location including at least 10% girls. The disabled children will have an adapted programme and be provided with the necessary equipment. Each one-hour football session includes physical exercises, fun games, educational personal training and a football game.
  • Six football masterclasses delivered by FC Shakhtar representatives, in which one of the FC Shakhtar representatives (first-team player or academy player or coach) will visit each location to teach children basic football skills and take part in the fun games over the two hours of the event. The children will have an opportunity to interact with the players and receive signatures and club presents. The masterclasses are intended to enhance the impact of the project, give the children an opportunity to interact with FC Shakhtar football players and create cohesion among the participants.

Expected results

Short-term results

  • Participation rate (70%): 126 children involved in sessions over a three-month period, with at least 10% girls
  • Conducted educational training and the coaches use gained knowledge

Long-term results

 Participation rate (100%): 180 children involved in sessions, with at least 10% girls

  • Improved mental health and well-being of participants
  • The coaches conduct regular disability football sessions


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