Location and general information

Location Batticaloa, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka
Start date 02/01/2023
End date 07/31/2023
Cost of the project €20,285,00
Foundation funding €20,300
Project identifier 20220861
Partners Street Child
Categories Access to Sport - Healthy lifestyle - Infrastructure and equipment - Personal development


In Sri Lanka, many children have endured the negative effects of isolation and a lack of social interaction over the last three years due to COVID-19 school closures and now the severe economic crisis. These events will have a long-term impact on the country, with the effect that many children will be left behind. It is difficult for children to acquire essential life skills without spending significant amounts of time with their peers. The well-being of young people is a major concern. Students with irregular school attendance fall far behind in class and often drop out.

Project goals

Active participation in sport develops both cognitive and non-cognitive skills, offering students a holistic learning experience and producing well-rounded individuals. The objectives of the project are to: (i) reintegrate students into school with a positive attitude, in classroom settings that encourage student retention, and (ii) introduce regular sporting activity in schools to encourage consistent social interaction.

Project content

In total, 900 students will benefit from improved PE classes with football lessons.

Some 18 teachers at six schools will receive two months of training from experienced educators in active learning practices, in particular how to create, manage and deliver sports-based learning in the classroom.

Furthermore, 180 students will benefit from a two-month training programme for six community football teams. This will feature football training, after-school football sessions and weekly inter-school matches.

The data gathered during the impact assessment process will be used by Street Child to produce reports to be distributed both locally (to schools, partners and stakeholders) and internationally. Street Child will share the results with its offices in other countries and local partners, identifying the strengths of the model and promoting its replication where appropriate.


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