Location and general information

Location Marseille, France
Start date 07/01/2022
End date 06/30/2023
Cost of the project €50,000
Foundation funding €50,000
Project identifier 20220270
Partners OM Fondation
Categories Personal development


Marseille is a city noted for its significant social inequalities and high dropout rate among school pupils.

Project goals

  1.  Offer unique, high-quality support to all 9-10 year-old schoolchildren in Marseille and their teachers
  2. Counter the school dropout rate by harnessing the image and attractiveness of Olympique de Marseille football club, making use of the club’s infrastructure and involving the players
  3. Develop a sense of belonging to a broader community
  4. Create an appetite for doing sport by employing innovative techniques
  5. Promote the values of sport and social cohesion
  6. Promote diversity through the use of illustrations showing girl and boy characters

Project content

The Cahier des Olympiens project offers an effective, innovative way to combat these problems by providing a freely available, high-quality, fun workbook. On the recommendation of the Académie d'Aix-Marseille (a project partner), the workbook focuses on a pivotal year in children’s education: CM1, the start of the third cycle of the French education system (ages 9–11). It is at these ages that initial problems often arise.

The book can be used in class at the teacher’s request or at home, including during holidays, especially by families who could not afford to purchase these materials.

The book presents a wealth of valuable content. Numerous references to Olympique de Marseille (illustrations, photos, exercises, etc.) reinforce the publication’s attractiveness and usefulness.

Not only does the project distribute the extracurricular workbook to all Marseille’s state and private schools at the start of the school year, it also reinforces the teaching tool through meetings and constructive exchanges with professional players throughout the season in video conferences in which a player meets a class to encourage work on oral expression. The close links between the club and schools make the workbook highly attractive to students and more likely to be used properly.


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