Location and general information

Location Tanzania
Start date 01/01/2022
End date 12/31/2024
Cost of the project €30,698
Foundation funding €25,275
Project identifier 20230862
Partners Karibu Tanzania Organization (KTO)
Categories Access to Sport - Gender Equality - Personal development


In Tanzania, countless talented girls yearn for the chance to shine on the football field, but cultural barriers, societal norms and a lack of infrastructure hinder their dreams. Furthermore, instances of child violence and abuse are increasing nationwide.

Women’s football defies stereotypes by challenging the notion that girls are weak or incapable, helping to create a society where girls can pursue their dreams without limitations.

Most sports teachers in Tanzania have no training in grassroots football coaching. The Karibu Tanzania Organization has launched a groundbreaking capacity-building initiative in collaboration with the government and the Tanzania Football Federation to develop women and girls’ football and nurture skilled female footballers from the grassroots level up.

Project goals

The Mpira Fursa grassroots football programme aims to challenge stereotypes, promote gender equality and empower girls through football, equipping them both with the football skills and knowledge that they need to become confident players and with insights into economic opportunities relating to sports. It is also designed to foster the participants’ self-esteem, self-confidence and understanding of their rights. Because the football training is seamlessly integrated into the academic journey, it helps to encourage girls to stay enrolled and engaged in their education, thereby reducing the primary school dropout rate. Finally, the programme raises awareness in the community about children’s rights and the importance of child protection.

Project content

The Mpira Fursa programme offers technical development opportunities, training for coaches and crucial life skills education. In 2023, the programme helped 110 primary schools to set up girls’ football teams and offered them training and sports equipment.

Through girls’ football, the Karibu Tanzania Organization leverages partnerships to combat gender-based violence, sextortion and child abuse.

The activities for 2024 include:

  • A meeting of all key stakeholders
  • Grassroots football coaching training for primary school sports teachers and Folk Development College coordinators, with a focus on child protection on and off the field
  • Communication and media engagement to increase the programme’s visibility


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