Location and general information

Location Kyrgyzstan, Bichkek
Start date 01/10/2022
End date 08/10/2022
Cost of the project €44,542
Foundation funding €44,452
Project identifier 20210649
Partners Institute for Youth Development
Categories Access to Sport - Children with disabilities - Personal development


Physical education is vital for development and contributes to physical, social and mental health. Unemployment and the lack of leisure activities negatively affect teenagers and encourages antisocial behaviour. However, the very same teens who take the path of illegal activities have high leadership potential and are able to mobilise their peers. By harnessing this potential, it is possible to have a positive impact on their social environment.

Project content

The project aims to develop life skills through the use and promotion of football, to encourage responsible behaviour and produce greater resistance to crime, drug use and violence among young people aged 13 to 18 in Bishkek and Chui oblast. Sport provides both boys and girls with a positive experience and helps to build a sense of cohesion, commitment and support by fostering positive changes in their relationships.


  • Encourage positive behaviour among young people through their involvement in football and sport in general
  • Promote sport for a healthy lifestyle among young people
  • Encourage marginalised youngsters leading an antisocial lifestyle to take up sport

Project activities

  • Community meetings with school administrators and community bodies to discuss launching the Line Up, Live Up project
  • Set up a team of coaches to run the project
  • Form football teams in schools and conduct workouts with a coach
  • Hold a football tournament

Expected results

  • Reach at least 6 municipalities in the Chui region and Bishkek
  • At least 12 schools in target municipalities are involved
  • At least 240 schoolchildren aged 13-18 take part in the project, at least 30 of whom are from a marginalised group
  • Coaching team comprises at least 12 people


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