Location and general information

Location Senegal, Dakar
Start date 12/01/2023
End date 12/31/2025
Cost of the project €860,000
Foundation funding €100,000
Project identifier 20230928
Partners Samusocial International
Categories Access to Sport - Employability - Personal development


The number of children and young adults living on the streets of Dakar is very high. The traumas that left them homeless are aggravated by the experience of surviving on the streets, which is characterised by violence, exploitation, rejection by society and denial of their rights. None of which is conducive to integration. Samusocial Sénégal believes that no child or young adult should be left behind and has therefore developed various activities, particularly using sport, to complement its medical, psychological and social services and increase these young people’s chances of integration.

Project goals

The aim of the project is to contribute to the socio-professional integration of young people living on the streets of Dakar, using medico-psychosocial support on the one hand and sporting activities on the other to boost the youngsters’ self-confidence, enable them to meet other young people and forge connections, help them develop a positive identity, prevent violence and integrate rules of life.

Project content

Two groups of activities will be implemented as part of the project:

  1. Direct care and emergency assistance through medical and psychosocial support, outreach activities and sheltering
  2. Sports activities, in the form of football training sessions and competitions


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