Location and general information

Location UK, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and Turkey
Start date 01/01/2021
End date 12/31/2021
Cost of the project €tbc
Foundation funding €200,000
Project identifier 20200100
Partners Lay’s, streetfootballworld


The Lay’s RePlay project is supported in partnership with Lay's and coordinated globally by streetfootballworld. Five small-sided community pitches composed partially of reused empty chips packs are expected to open this year in:

  • Tembisa, South Africa
  • Leicester, UK
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Istanbul, Turkey

Tapping into the global passion for football, the pitches will become sustainable hubs for

positive community transformation.

Project content

The five-a-side artificial turf pitches are ideal for locations where communities have limited safe spaces to enjoy the game and develop their skills.

More than just a pitch, the project will be run alongside local partners to build spaces and programs that bring people together and drive positive change for generations to come.

The Lay’s RePlay long-term educational sporting programs use the positive power of play and football to address social issues impacting local communities. The programs will be designed and measured against four key areas: creating a sense of belonging, increasing engagement, fostering safety, and granting access to sport.


Lay's RePlay places strong emphasis on including community members and local organizations throughout the planning, construction and maintenance phases of each pitch, with the goal to develop programming that can address social issues impacting each community, while fostering safe access to the sport.

Project activities

Multiple stakeholders will collaborate in the construction of the mini pitches, each taking on average up to eight months to complete.

The local implementing partner in each location will lead the process, under close supervision from streetfootballworld. The project will involve close coordination with the local community before, during and after construction, and local sourcing will be preferred to ensure local capacity development and to build trust.

Community engagement will be integral to the project, since the community is not seen as a recipient, but rather as part of the decision-making process. The approach will be participatory and involve talking to community stakeholders, understanding their needs, appreciating their contexts and collaborating to find optimal solutions.

To develop the communities' interest and sense of ownership, committees will be set up, e.g. pitch

advisory committees, youth committees and maintenance committees. All committee members will be part of the community and therefore responsible for ensuring that the pitches continue to be a valuable and safe space for all community members.

Expected results

  • Five community football pitches will be created in 2021.
  • 32% of the materials used to build the grounds will be recycled chip bundles and each community will increase their awareness of sustainable practices
  • The local communities of the five sites will be involved in the process.
  • Girls and boys access will have an equal to a safe space to play football.
  • Develop educational sports programs that offer tailored support to local communities to bring positive change to new generations.


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