Location and general information

Location Münich, Germany
Start date 01/01/2021
End date 12/31/2021
Cost of the project €666,258
Foundation funding €128,000
Project identifier 20200881
Partners Bellevue di Monaco
Categories Access to Sport - Infrastructure and equipment - Personal development


Sport plays a key role in the integration of young refugees into society, with many studies showing that sports programmes can help to strengthen links between migrants and the native population. In Munich, local authorities and NGOs have made considerable efforts to accommodate asylum seekers over the last six years. However, there is a lack of sports programmes, and space for sporting activities is very limited (especially in the city centre). As a result, young refugees have not had enough opportunities to play sport and mix with locals of the same age.

Project content

A multi-sports pitch (named after Kurt Landauer, a former president of FC Bayern München) has been built on the roof of the Bellevue di Monaco intercultural community centre in the heart of Munich. Working in cooperation with its partner Bunt kickt gut, the community centre plans to use that venue to offer a variety of sports programmes (football, basketball, gym sessions, etc.) for young refugees and local children from the neighbourhood (boys and girls alike), with a focus on cultural exchange, personal development and inclusion.


The project’s main aim is to foster cultural exchange between young refugees and local children, based on a firm belief that sport is the best way to bring people together and establish bonds. Particular attention will be paid to the issue of gender equality: girls and boys will play together on the pitch, but there will also be special programmes dedicated solely to girls. The activities will focus primarily on sports, but the coaching methodology will also help to strengthen children’s language skills, interpersonal skills and, in some cases, even vocational skills.

Project activities

  • Recruit staff to manage the multi-sports pitch, allocate time slots, supervise training sessions, coach participants and resolve conflicts.
  • Establish sports programmes for young refugees and local children.
  • Organise a variety of sports activities and coaching sessions, fostering personal and professional development.
  • Organise football tournaments and other special sports events on a regular basis.

Expected results

  • It is expected for around 1,200 young refugees and local children to regularly participate in the various sports programmes each year.
  • Refugees at the community centre will get to know more people in the local area.
  • Girls and young women who do not want to play sport in public will have access to special sessions and a protected space on the rooftop.
  • Participants will benefit from personal development (e.g. learning how to manage their frustrations).


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