<b>KICKFAIR</b> Closed
Location Schwäbisch Gmünd and Ostfildern, Baden Württemberg, Germany
Start date 06/15/2016
End date 07/31/2017
Cost of the project -
Foundation funding €44,400
Project identifier EUR - 0111
Partners streetfootballworld and KICKFAIR
Categories Access to Sport - Conflict victims - Personal development


Their vision: All young people should have equal opportunities to develop their personal and professional potential.

Their mission: To support young people in developing the skills and capacities they need to create a positive life plan by using the KICKFAIR educational approach.

What they do nationally: Teach personal skills, strengthen individual capacities, promote personal development, create long-term perspectives and develop further community engagement. KICKFAIR developed a holistic and comprehensive educational programme to give young people who lack opportunities and are at risk of social exclusion the chance to become active (co-) creators of their personal and professional futures.

What they do internationally: Convey global values and skills, promote transnational learning, facilitate cooperation and mutual learning and promote the experience of diversity as a strength. KICKFAIR works with recognised international partner organisations to give participating young people the opportunity to network internationally and to learn from one another.


KICKFAIR wants to initiate pilot projects in two schools in Germany that provide welcome classes for refugees. Since these classes are mostly separate from regular classes, KICKFAIR wants to arrange football training sessions and a football tournament for both refugees and existing pupils using the football3 playing method. In addition, selected pupils from both the regular classes and the welcome classes will participate in workshops on cultural understanding and become ambassadors for their school and for integration.


1,620 children




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