Location and general information

Location Central African Republic, Bangui
Start date 03/01/2021
End date 04/28/2023
Cost of the project €780,000
Foundation funding €150,000
Project identifier 20200647
Partners Triangle Génération Humanitaire
Categories Access to Sport - Children with disabilities - Personal development


According to the Central African Republic’s Ministry of Social Affairs, there are 4,000 children living on the streets in Bangui. State social support services are limited and these children are exposed to drug abuse, prostitution, infectious diseases, gender-based and other forms of violence. Incarcerated minors are also vulnerable as their rights and dignity are not respected.


Project content

This two-year project aims to improve support for street children and incarcerated minors by boosting the capacity of child protection agencies and workers. To help these marginalised children reintegrate into society and their families, the project will cover all stages of their journey: assistance, accommodation, schooling and vocational training. Sport will provide educational and recreational opportunities.


  • Improve support for vulnerable children who have lost social or family contact in Bangui and its surrounding areas
  • Maintain and develop services to improve the protection and reintegration of these children

Project activities

  • Developing the capacity of state actors and civil society in the area of child protection
  • Providing educational and social support to marginalised children:
    • medical and social assistance
    • outreach and education, particularly through sports
  • Supporting the social reintegration of marginalised children who are living on the streets or incarcerated through:
    • housing
    • schooling
    • vocational training
  • Reuniting children with their families

Expected results

  • Coordination and support measures for child protection agencies and workers will improve care for vulnerable children: 25 places in accommodation will be available for 150 children and 80 people working in child protection will be better informed.
  • 300 vulnerable children will have access to protection services which will help improve their living conditions.
  • Vulnerable children will be stabilised and helped to reintegrate into their families and society: 100 children will attend school and 30 young people will take part in vocational training or a work placement.


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