Location and general information

Location Austria
Start date 01/01/2020
End date 12/31/2020
Cost of the project € 250,000 per year
Foundation funding € 100,000
Project identifier 2019525
Partners Mentor Management-Entwicklung-Organisation GmbH & Co
Categories Access to Sport - Personal development


The average proportion of not in education, employment or training (NEET) youngsters aged 15–24 in Vienna for 2006–2016 was 10.9%, or 21,800 young people.

The Goals for my Future III (" Tore für meine Zukunft")  project is a follow-up to two previous projects and aims to support NEETs using football to motivate social participation and integration.

Target group: young NEETs, between 14 and 18 (possibly up to 23), who

  • have not or have not yet completed compulsory schooling;
  • need a daily structure;
  • are threatened with immediate exclusion;
  • grew up in parents' homes with uncertain, difficult employment histories;
  • come from families with low cultural capital;
  • ethnic minorities or young people without EU27 citizenship;
  • Show multiple problem situations that have led to segregation;
  • have had negative experiences in the school system (truancy, suspensions, etc.);
  • have behavioral problems.

Project content

The project is multidimensional:

  • Football training sessions twice a week, including competitions and football tournaments
  • Multiple sports activities twice a week: climbing, juggling, swimming
  • Individual coaching (once a week) and psychological support
  • Educational and professional guidance as well as remedial teaching
  • Training advice and workshops, with the support of the ÖFB

The youngsters receive intensive individual attention. Our team is available to the boys and girls almost round the clock, creating a very close-knit network where none of the participants can fail.


  • Preparation for returning to school: resolving language deficits, reducing school-specific deficits, reintegrating young people in education or training; promoting social skills
  • Activating self-help potential
  • Educational and professional guidance
  • Creating a stable, sustainable network
  • Connection in a football club

Project activities

  • Highly professional football training twice a week, in three-hour sessions
  • Variety of sports: swimming, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, climbing, bowling, mini-golf, frisbee, and much more; 3 hours a week
  • Joint tournaments, friendly games and training with friendly clubs
  • Participation in the Kleinfeld-Liga football league
  • Joint activities with the team: cinema, excursions, visits to companies, workshops, juggling training, etc.
  • Provision of training equipment
  • Jerseys, football boots and shin pads
  • Supervision and tuition, lesson support
  • Social support and social work
  • Psychological support
  • Coaching and work assistance
  • Remedial work for compulsory schooling
  • Individual coaching
  • German language
  • Parent support and social support

Expected results

  • Increase participation: today 166 people (129 boys + 37 girls)
  • Target achievement rate (education, school): 90.96%


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