Location and general information

Location Suriname
Start date 01/01/2023
End date 12/31/2023
Cost of the project €53,155
Foundation funding €51,155
Project identifier 20221076
Partners The Mulokot Foundation
Categories Access to Sport - Healthy lifestyle - Infrastructure and equipment - Personal development


The Wayana territory in Suriname is remote and receives almost no support from the government. Organisations such as WWF, CI International and ACT are working in the territory, but their main goal is to preserve the forest and protect wildlife rather than support the Wayana indigenous people. It was for this reason that the Mulokot Foundation was established by Wayana paramount chief Ipomadi Pelenapin in 2018. The foundation’s board members are all Wayana indigenous people. There are currently just 2,500 Wayana people living in remote Amazon rainforest in Suriname, Brazil and French Guiana.

In common with many indigenous communities around the world, our people have sadly had problems with alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Sport, and education through sport, can be a major contributor to ending harmful behaviour. Wayana villages have very few sports facilities and what does exist is in poor condition.

Project goals

- Establish and restore football and volleyball facilities in the villages of Apetina, Kawemhakan and Palumeu

- Provide young players with equipment, such as balls, nets, boots, kits, etc.

- Develop a training and awareness programme on:

  • Healthy food and lifestyles (the importance of sport for well-being)
  • Alcohol abuse and health
  • Technical football and volleyball training

Project content

The Mulokot Foundation will work with the three main Wayana indigenous communities of Apetina, Kawemhakan and Palumeu to implement the project. There are small football pitches in Kawemhakan and Palumeu, but they lack goalposts and other facilities. Volleyball courts exist in Palumeu and Kawemhakan but new nets are required. The volleyball court in Apetina is in reasonable condition, but the football pitch is on a slope and needs to be relocated.

The Mulokot Foundation will provide three Wayana villages with sports facilities: football pitches and volleyball courts will be built and training and awareness programmes provided. The project will have a positive effect on the community in general and young people in particular.

The other important facet of this project is encouraging personal development and healthy lifestyles through training and workshops. The foundation’s objective is to train our children and young people to become more active, adopt a healthier lifestyle and diet and consume less alcohol. With the positive impact of sport, training and workshops, we are confident that Wayana indigenous communities will thrive once again.


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