Location and general information

Location Guatemala, Guatemala City
Start date 01/04/2024
End date 12/15/2024
Cost of the project €36,150
Foundation funding €25,000
Project identifier 20230556
Partners Asociación de Maestros de Educación Temprana Plantando Semillas
Categories Access to Sport - Healthy lifestyle - Personal development


In Zone 3 of Guatemala City, over 10,000 internally displaced families are living next to the garbage dump. The level of poverty and the lack of education and parental support creates a fertile ground for community violence and substance abuse. The prevalence of violence endangers children and teenagers, putting their future at risk.


Project goals

  • Provide at-risk children and teenagers with a way to escape violence by engaging them in healthy recreation through sport and supporting their education
  • Provide a football training programme to improve players' football skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship through structured training, while fostering friendship and discipline
  • Boost academic success, reinforce the importance of education, and support youngsters with spaces and opportunities to nurture the skills they need to succeed
  • Ensure that Futbol KY participants have access to additional services, including psychosocial care and parental support for their caregivers, through the Fathers’ Group and Motivated Women Programme

Project content

Futbol KY combines football training, academic support and parental groups to create a well-rounded development experience.

Football training programmes emphasise not only physical improvement but also discipline, friendship, and character development.

Alongside football training, the project prioritises academic success. We offer tutoring sessions, creating a comprehensive approach to physical and intellectual development.

To establish a supportive environment, the project includes two parental support groups: the Motivated Women Programme and the Fathers’ Group.

Recognising the need for psychosocial support, we provide a space to improve participants’ psychological well-being and mental health.


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