Location and general information

Location Bosnia and Herzegovina
Start date 01/01/2023
End date 12/31/2024
Cost of the project €417,825
Foundation funding €80,000
Project identifier 20220524
Partners Genesis Project
Categories Access to Sport - Gender Equality - Healthy lifestyle - Personal development


This project contributes to overcoming ethnic segregation among ten ethnically divided communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country is characterised by its divided schools, symbolised in particular by the phenomenon of two schools, segregated by ethnicity, under one roof. This unique form of apartheid emerges from distrust and fear fuelled by irresponsible nationalist politicians.

Project goals

This project aims to empower young people to act as role models and young leaders in their communities. It will contribute to reducing the risk of recurring conflict and violence by promoting peaceful coexistence, trust, respect for diversity and cross-cultural dialogue amongst project beneficiaries. They will learn how to:

  1. Make decisions based on the cross-cultural context
  2. Use conflict mediation skills
  3. Compromise and find solutions
  4. Respect gender equality
  5. Enjoy healthy competition on the pitch

Project content


We work in ethnically divided communities and primary schools to promote gender equality, personal development and communication among young people from different ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Football has the power to unite youth from different ethnic groups and is a common language understood by all children in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and here it will be used as a peacebuilding and youth empowerment tool.

Project activities:

  1. Sign MoUs with primary schools in ten communities
  2. Donate sports equipment to primary schools
  3. Transfer knowledge among peers using the football3 methodology
  4. Form football3 teams
  5. Establish the Genesis Football for Peace Community League (GFPCL)
  6. Organise football3 matches within the GFPCL
  7. Organise GFPCL camps within various communities


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