Location and general information

Location Europe
Start date 06/06/2023
End date 12/31/2024
Cost of the project €270,000
Foundation funding €100,000
Project identifier 20230188
Partners Children of Prisoners Europe
Categories Gender Equality - Personal development - Strengthening partnerships


More than two million children in Europe are separated from an imprisoned parent, often causing them overwhelming sadness, grief and anxiety. The incarceration of a parent will affect a child’s self-esteem, undermine feelings of affection and mental health. It creates social barriers and feeds into exclusion, discrimination and poverty. Given the small number of visits permitted with children, it is necessary to create joyful moments, in which parents and children have the opportunity to spend time together.

Project goals

The project’s main aim is to reinforce trust, love and the bond between children and their parents. Joyful memories will contribute to a child’s well-being, by fostering inclusion and empowering them. The project also aims to bring about structural transformation within prisons, so that the rights and best interests of the child are taken into consideration at all times during the parent’s incarceration.

Project content

Game with Mum and Dad brings families together for a day of play, hugs, and laughs – all over Europe. The children are actively involved in preparing each event, which culminates in a game of football with their parents inside prison walls.

The games take place during late summer and early autumn, in multiple locations throughout Europe. The Europe-wide campaign raises awareness about children of prisoners on local, national and international levels.


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