Location and general information

Location Vietnam
Start date 01/01/2022
End date 12/31/2023
Cost of the project €81,500
Foundation funding €42,000
Project identifier 20210432
Partners Football Association of Norway/Football for All in Vietnam
Categories Access to Sport - Gender Equality - Personal development


The Vietnamese cultural preference for boys in ethnic minority areas, together with the belief that only men can perform ancestral rites, has given boys and men more socio-cultural benefits than girls and women. Due to the socially constructed norms related to gender, girls are expected to grow up to be wives and mothers. As a result, girls are denied an education, forced into early marriage, and have limited opportunities to advance in other aspects of society. In many communities, the belief that ‘football is for boys; not for girls’ is basic gender discrimination that restricts, excludes, and denies girls’ rights.

Project content

FFAV utilises a football programme with life skills education as a focal point to change community perceptions of gender roles. It offers equal opportunities for boys and girls on the football pitch and in a life skills education programme.


Raise awareness of equal rights and foster gender rights practices in ethnic minority groups to increase the equal participation of women and girls in football, empower them and equip them with leadership skills.

Project activities

  • Set up football clubs
  • Organise football training sessions for PE teachers – priority given to female teachers
  • Organise life skills training sessions for female teachers who will then educate girls in life skills
  • Develop a FFAV life skills toolkit and social campaign messages with events to promote equal rights in the community
  • Organise regular activities at clubs

Expected results

  • 19 football clubs with the participation of 1,520 girls and 1,520 boys
  • 1,520 girls equipped with knowledge about gender rights and life skills
  • 114 teachers trained as football coaches/referees
  • 58 female teachers trained as life skills facilitators/master trainers
  • 3,800 community members exposed to social campaign on gender rights/equality through club activities
  • 19,120 children experience football and life skills through 38 Fun Football Festivals and 2,736 football sessions
  • Gender equality education materials distributed


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