Location and general information

Location Sevilla, Spain
Start date 02/15/2022
End date 02/15/2023
Cost of the project €121,692
Foundation funding €80,000
Project identifier 20210532
Partners Fundación Grandes Valores
Categories Access to Sport - Conflict victims - Personal development


Four of Spain’s ten poorest neighbourhoods are located in Seville, where 38.6% of children are at risk or living in poverty and social exclusion. A large number of migrants also live in these neighbourhoods and are subject to exclusion and segregation. Inequality and a lack of employment opportunities have a significant negative impact on families, child development and education.

The Spanish Commission for Refugees (CEAR), the Betis Foundation and the Fútbol Más Foundation have joined forces to develop a project that creates community spaces to promote the inclusion and well-being of children and young people.

Project content

Through a socio-sports programme, the project will promote the physical and mental health and inclusion of children at risk of social exclusion in two Seville neighbourhoods. Campaigns will raise awareness of the importance of health in the development and inclusion of migrants and refugees and how football can be a vehicle for achieving this.


  • Include migrant children and their families in the community and strengthen their resilience through sports;
  • Improve physical and mental well-being through socio-sports activities;
  • Improve the sustainability of the community by training young people;
  • Reduce social inequalities and prejudices towards the migrant population though socio-sports activities in spaces that are intercultural, equal and safe;
  • Run awareness-raising campaigns on social media and in schools.

Project activities

  • Socio-sports sessions: 90-minute sessions aimed at developing the children’s socio-emotional skills and promoting their well-being, as well as addressing cross-cutting issues of local interest ;
  • Family and community football: Socio-sports sessions focused on families and members of the community with the aim of promoting positive parenting and meaningful community bonds ;
  • Socio-sports events: The two communities participating in the project meet to share their experiences and get to know each other in an atmosphere where coexistence and friendship come before competition ;
  • Training in sport for development: Training in the Fútbol Más and sport for development methodologies will be provided to professionals and leaders of both communities ;
  • Awareness-raising and advocacy activities:
    • Activities and conferences in educational centres in Seville
    • Visibility activities together with football clubs
    • Awareness campaigns on human rights, gender equality and interculturality:
      • #TheBallHasNoGender
      • #TheBallHasNoBorders
      • #DeportePorRefugio

Expected results

  • Improved physical and socio-emotional well-being in children and young people;
  • Existence of inclusive spaces where local and migrant populations interact;
  • Increased number of schools that include non-discrimination and socio-emotional well-being in their activities;
  • Greater sense of belonging in migrant and local children who have access to safe, equal and inclusive spaces;
  • Young people certified in sport for development.


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