Location and general information

Location Scotland
Start date 12/01/2022
End date 03/01/2024
Cost of the project €124000
Foundation funding €88000
Project identifier 20220116
Partners Scottish Football Partnership Trust
Categories Access to Sport - Healthy lifestyle - Personal development


In Scotland the unfortunate situation is that you have to pay to play, even though clubs try to support those most in need where possible. A recent survey carried out by the Scottish FA suggested that at least 49% of community clubs have had to increase their monthly fees for children to cover increased operational costs. This will lead to more children dropping out of the game. Every young person has a basic human right to be involved in sport and feel included, regardless of their financial or social circumstances. This project will support this aspiration.

Project goals

Our plan is to support 400–500 disadvantaged children over a 12-month period. If we can help these children and their families through the difficult times brought about by the cost-of-living crisis, we stand a greater chance of their participating in football for life.

Project content

The SFP Trust will set up a bursary application process and work with grassroots community clubs. Funding will support individual children up to the age of 18 who play at community football clubs and who are at risk of dropping out of the game due to financial hardship. Affiliated clubs will be encouraged to apply for funding to cover 12 months of participation costs for disadvantaged children, meaning that the players can stay on the pitch and remain part of the football family.


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