Location and general information

Location Afghanistan
Start date 01/01/2024
End date 01/31/2025
Cost of the project €701,644
Foundation funding €25,000
Project identifier 20230601
Partners Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan)
Categories Gender Equality


Since the Taliban’s return to power in August 2021, more than 80 decrees have been issued that restrict Afghan women and girls’ rights, including a ban on the right to learn. This is an alarming violation of fundamental human rights and poses a grave threat to the progress, prosperity and well-being of the nation.

By leveraging technology, this project aims to bridge the educational gap and empower Afghan girls – both those who remain in the country and those who have been displaced – through access to high-quality learning materials and educational opportunities.

Project goals

  • Increased access to secondary education for out-of-school female Afghan students
  • Professional development and employment opportunities for Afghan women, enabling them to continue teaching virtually, whether in Afghanistan or in exile
  • Access to free, high-quality resources in Afghan languages so that students can further their education, educators can continue their careers and families can instil a love of reading in their children

Project content

The Darakht-e Danesh (DD) Academi is a collection of virtual educational tools that allow Afghan women and girls who have been cut off from conventional education to access high-quality educational resources and reach their full potential.

It consists of three virtual strands:

  • DD Library: a free repository of more than 7,000 resources on 127 different subjects in nine languages (including minority Afghan languages). With UEFA’s support, CW4WAfghan will be able to develop, translate and include new resources on nutrition, sport, inclusion, gender equity and healthy living.
  • DD Classroom: a live virtual secondary school for Afghan girls in grades 7 to 12, providing an internationally recognised qualification upon graduation. In 2024, this will be expanded to Afghan students living in neighbouring regions such as Pakistan and Tajikistan. The teachers hired are all qualified, and priority is given to out-of-work female teachers who have been denied employment in Afghanistan. All students based in Afghanistan receive ‘learning plus baskets’ (educational materials and nutritious food staples for their whole family).
  • DD Courses: professional development for educators, including DD Classroom teachers. Educators can complete a variety of online trainings, at their own pace, on a variety of topics, including virtual teaching, basic computer and digital literacy, English for beginners, an introduction to trauma, and creating gender-responsive learning environments.


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