Location and general information

Location Yemen
Start date 12/01/2022
End date 06/30/2023
Cost of the project €86,283
Foundation funding €73,700
Project identifier 20220348
Partners Helpcode
Categories Access to Sport - Conflict victims - Healthy lifestyle


After seven years of conflict, Yemen is still suffering the effects of one of the world’s most severe humanitarian crises, with an estimated 24.1 million people in need of urgent assistance. Four million of these people are internally displaced. Vulnerable women, girls and children are paying the heaviest price; they tend to suffer the most from a limited access to basic services, threats and the lack of privacy, compromising their safety and making them even more exposed to violence.

Project goals

- Address the psychosocial needs of children affected by conflict and displacement by improving access to sport and psychosocial and social education.

- Promote children’s rights and strengthen protection mechanisms in the broader community.

Project content

  1. Provide training workshops for psychosocial support facilitators and teachers on the delivery of psychosocial support and the use of play-based activities as a tool for integration and development.
  2. The delivery of psychosocial support sessions to in-school and out-of-school children by supplying sports equipment and using recreational activities to help children deal with trauma and build life skills.
  3. Community awareness-raising campaigns on children’s rights and protection services.


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