Location and general information

Location Curacao and Aruba
Start date 01/01/2024
End date 12/31/2025
Cost of the project €950,000
Foundation funding €100,000
Project identifier 20230843
Partners Johan Cruyff Foundation
Categories Access to Sport - Healthy lifestyle - Infrastructure and equipment - Personal development


On the Caribbean islands of Curacao and Aruba, a high average of children and families live below the absolute poverty line and rarely have free access to sports and play because of their financial/social status and the lack of facilities.

Project goals

  • Renovated/replaced fencing at the Cruyff Court in Curacao
  • Complete renovation of Cruyff Court Gregory van der Wiel in Curacao
  • New Cruyff Court in Pos Chiquito neighbourhood in Aruba

Project content

Children need a safe place that encourages them to play outside. That’s what Cruyff Courts are, a safe place where children learn the importance of togetherness, making friends, discovering their own talents, and winning and losing. These are valuable experiences that they carry with them as they develop physically and mentally, and as they move into society. Sport and play will help them develop as they discover new talents.

Together with local partners, we ensure that sports and play activities are run on the Cruyff Courts to help children be active and create a safe environment for the neighbourhood.


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