Location and general information

Location Velsen, Pays-Bas
Start date 02/01/2022
End date 12/31/2022
Cost of the project €276,812
Foundation funding €199,312
Project identifier 202110435
Partners Cruyff Foundation
Categories Access to Sport - Gender Equality - Infrastructure and equipment - Personal development


Velsen-Noord is a community of just over 5,000 people, 30% of whom are under the age of 25. About 40% of the community are of non-Dutch heritage and the overall educational level is low. Velsen-Noord is also one of the poorest and most vulnerable in the region. Boredom causes antisocial behaviour and there has been a rise in crime over the past three years amid growing polarisation. There are few safe spaces to play sport.

Project content

A Cruyff Court will be built as a safe space for young people to play sports.


  • Building a safe place for youngsters to come together and play sports, in particular football
  • Creating a group of local stakeholders that use sport as a way to help local youngsters develop, increasing the impact that sport has on them
  • Educate local coaches with the philosophy and vision of the Cruyff Foundation
  • Engage and develop young people in the community through organised activities

Project activities

  • Create a social agreement with local stakeholders, defining goals, allocating tasks and committing stakeholders to the project for the long term, over a ten-year period
  • Stichting SportSupport Kennemerland will organise various activities on the pitch per week for 6–12 year-olds .Welzijn Velsen will organise activities and programmes for boys and girls 13–23 years old
  • Heroes of the Cruyff Courts act as role models and organise at least one major event per year, teaching the youngsters all the skills they need
  • Train two local coaches

Expected results

  • Over 300 active children a week take part in sports and cultural activities on the court
  • 2 new Cruyff Foundation coaches in the municipality who will run projects in their neighbourhood and on the Cruyff Court
  • Increase liveability through better sports facilities in the community
  • Develop youngsters’ personal and sports skills through sports programmes
  • Increase the number of children that play sports and increase the amount of sport they play
  • Reduce polarisation by connecting youth from different cultural backgrounds


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