Location and general information

Location China
Start date 03/01/2023
End date 03/31/2024
Cost of the project €110,000
Foundation funding €110,000
Project identifier 20220454
Partners Plan International Hong Kong
Categories Access to Sport - Gender Equality - Healthy lifestyle - Infrastructure and equipment - Personal development


COVID-19 had a huge negative impact on mental and physical health, especially among children. While we believe that doing sport is an important way to tackle this issue, some schools in the less developed areas of China may not be able to afford decent sports equipment or offer their students training. Moreover, gender stereotypes make it difficult for boys and girls to play sports freely. This not only hinders the recovery process in the post-COVID era but also fosters gender inequality in schools.

Project goals

The main objectives of this project:

- Enhance junior and secondary school students’ engagement in sport

- Challenge gender stereotypes in sport and introduce transformative changes among girls, boys, their families, schools and communities

- Enhance friendships and cohesion in the schools targeted by the project

Project content

To achieve the objectives, the following activities are planned in ten project schools:

  • Procure high-quality sports equipment and renovate play areas
  • Establish sports clubs in schools to promote participation
  • Establish girls’ football teams in schools
  • Offer physical education teachers training on gender-responsive coaching
  • Provide teachers and parents with training on gender awareness
  • Organise football and sports tournaments among the project schools


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