Location and general information

Location Haiti
Start date 02/01/2023
End date 12/31/2023
Cost of the project €340,000
Foundation funding €48,000
Project identifier 20220147
Partners GOALS Haiti (Global Outreach And Love of Soccer)
Categories Access to Sport - Gender Equality - Healthy lifestyle - Personal development


In rural Haiti, families live on the edge, trying to survive in the face of extreme poverty. GOALS focuses on rural areas where no other non-profit, private or government services are available. Unemployment rates are as high as 80% and parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Disease is an ever-present risk and gender bias is high. In terms of health and education, Haiti is one of the most difficult places in the world to grow up.

Project goals

GOALS was created to use the power of sport to engage youth with education and leadership opportunities. The Aktive Jen Yo project embraces football, education and community service. We focus on teaching life skills such as literacy, healthy living and conflict resolution. The holistic approach aims to create long-lasting change. An astounding 98% of participants had no access to sport before GOALS. Our programmes provide vital support for the development of Haiti’s youth in a safe, empowering space.

The objectives of our programme are to improve the physical and mental health of individuals within healthier, more stable rural communities where every child can realise their potential. Our projects engage citizens who learn in a dynamic, culturally appropriate way. Sport is a foundation of education and young people acquire life skills (communication, problem solving, leadership, inclusion, self-confidence) in a safe environment that allows them to truly flourish.

Project content

  • Football – daily practice using purposeful play games, friendly matches and rural outreach to teach inclusion, conflict resolution and gender equality
  • Health education – disease prevention, sex education, gender-based violence training, good hygiene
  • Climate action – tree planting, recycling and community gardens
  • Leadership training – youth leaders identify community issues and solutions
  • Education – literacy programme and high school scholarships
  • Community service – volunteering for projects
  • 350 young people receive daily meals and take part in football/purposeful play activities
  • 350 young people receive hygiene training and disease prevention education (AIDS, cholera, COVID-19)


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