Kaizen Foundation supports the UEFA Foundation for Children for the 10,000 Smiles Project for UEFA EURO 2024

EURO 2024 match day tickets for children from underprivileged backgrounds and with disabilities

Kaizen Foundation, a charitable organization funded by Kaizen Gaming, is supporting the "10,000 Smiles" project of the UEFA Foundation for Children. This initiative will provide 10,000 UEFA EURO 2024™ match tickets to associations working with vulnerable children, bringing them joy and unforgettable experiences.

The UEFA Foundation for Children is offering EURO 2024™ match tickets to children aged 8 to 16 from underprivileged backgrounds and children with disabilities from 8 to 21 years old. Selection is coordinated with each host city based on their unique priorities.

Working with the Kaizen Foundation for our 10,000 Smiles project has been amazing. It was clear from day one that its team shared our vision and dedication to bring the joy and excitement of live football to children from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with disabilities,” said Kluser Urs, General Secretary of UEFA Foundation for Children. “Having support from organisations like the Kaizen Foundation is critical in allowing us to achieve our goal of improving access to sport and bringing smiles and hope to children who need it most. We are looking forward to collaborating with the Kaizen Foundation for more initiatives in the future”.

Through this partnership, Kaizen Foundation and UEFA Foundation for Children will host 10,000 children across 40 matches in 10 different stadiums. Special accommodations will be made for children with specific needs, including adapted seats, entrances, and travel arrangements.

We are truly honoured to become partners of an organisation, such as the UEFA Foundation for Children. We are a very young organisation, but from the very beginning, the Kaizen Foundation has shown its commitment to improving the lives of children. With grants surpassing €4 million in total in the last months, we have launched the renovation of the Penteli Children’s General Hospital in Greece and we have completed the renovation of a critical section of the Pitesti Pediatric Hospital in Romania. Now, we will be supporting the UEFA Foundation for Children in helping 10,000 kids smile. The work UEFA is doing to ensure this year's tournament leaves a lasting legacy is so important in ensuring all children everywhere have the opportunity to enjoy football”

- Panos Konstantopoulos, Kaizen Foundation President

About the Kaizen Foundation

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The Kaizen Foundation is a Social Purpose Foundation, funded exclusively by Kaizen Gaming, one of the biggest GameTech companies in the world. It envisions to serve as a catalyst for positive change on a global scale in partnership with local communities, NGOs, private and public institutions. The Kaizen Foundation’s mission is to deliver initiatives with long-term impact that foster innovation and improve all aspects of people’s lives with a focus on three core areas: society, education and the environment.

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