Sport without Stereotypes (SWOST)

The UEFA Foundation for Children is supporting SWOST, an Erasmus+ project aimed at transforming mindsets at all levels of European sport by increasing awareness of gender stereotyping and discrimination.

To achieve its goal, SWOST is developing a range digital resources including a self-assessment tool and guidance for sports clubs and associations, to help them improve their gender-based behaviour, regulations and policies. 

The SWOST project is a broad collaborative effort, involving 11 organisations from 9 countries. Together their objectives are to:

  • Promote and increase male and female participation in sports typically considered to be for a particular gender, with a specific focus on younger people.
  • Empower and equip youngsters, by raising awareness of and uprooting gender stereotypes that may influence them and their families when choosing the sports they participate in.
  • Share experiences and highlight successes and best practice in the field of gender mainstreaming.
  • Create an online self-assessment tool to guide sports clubs and associations and direct users to a customised selection of other tools, good practices and resources from other countries or sectors, also to support those organisations’ networking and capacity building.
  • Monitor and improve the latest gender policies used by European sports associations and other SWOST beneficiaries.
  • Raise awareness of the homophobia and gender-based violence experienced in sports clubs.


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