Emergency aid to refugees at the Belarusian-Polish border

UEFA Foundation for Children will support NGO's providing help to these refugees

The situation on the Belarus-Polish border is a humanitarian disaster. These desperate people have lost everything and are being held hostage for reasons beyond their control. These people are being instrumentalised, mere political pawns, but they nevertheless and above all remain men, women and children. Some of them have already died in almost complete indifference, and the others are still in immense distress and struggling to survive.

For this reason, the UEFA Foundation for Children has decided to assist the NGOs working at the border to provide urgent relief aid to these refugees. We at UEFA and at UEFA Foundation for Children do our best to avoid politics, but it is our duty to help children, no matter where they are from, just as the UEFA Foundation does with other underaged refugees, such as in the Zaatari camp on the Jordanian-Syrian border or in Turkey and Greece for example.


This Polish interior ministry screengrab shows children behind the razor-wire fence