Dear Friends,

The period covered in this report is accompanied by great sadness. The fear, uncertainty and frustration we all experienced during what seemed like an endless pandemic were taken to another level when the war broke out in the heart of Europe, in a senseless act that has affected millions of children and their families. I cannot even imagine how this horror may look to children's eyes.

But this report also brings hope, reflecting humanity’s ability to win even in the most challenging times. I am genuinely proud of the reaction from the European football community, which, with our foundation’s support, quickly mobilised to provide emergency relief to civilians affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Countless tons of humanitarian aid from Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia have reached thousands of people in need, with football associations and clubs leading by their shining example.

During this time, our foundation continued supporting the best projects and using the power of football to improve the lives of millions of at-risk children and teenagers all over the world. Thanks to generous contributions from UEFA's sponsors and partners, we were able to help many youngsters growing up under challenging circumstances – children in detention or forced to work, child victims of land mines, and children living in less tolerant surroundings. Together, we will carry on protecting children’s right to childhood while using football as a catalyst for personal development, social equality and cohesion.

I am also very proud that more than 450 project beneficiaries were given a chance to attend our competition finals, with many of them stepping out onto the pitch with players and referees. So, what might look like a short walk to some, was a unique adventure for these children, creating a lifetime bond with our beautiful sport.

Please, pay heed to these testimonies. They will tell you a story of joy, love and hope that football brings to their lives. They also give us the strength and determination to keep fighting for them. The UEFA Foundation for Children, dear friends, is grateful for your support.

Activity report 2021-22

UEFA Foundation for Children

Aleksander Čeferin



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