Zaatari and Azraq residents to benefit from two new artificial football pitches

Ampukids is a German project that assists amputee children. Ampukids offers children and their families extensive support to cope with their new situation, to manage daily life and the new challenges associated with limb amputation. An amputation is a horrifying incident for a family, and competent psychological care is often necessary. Ampukids’ main aims are to enable amputee children to find their way back to normal life, to participate in any social activities and sports, and to create a German-wide network of children and families sharing their experience and individual skills.

Ampukids also organises events bringing together ‘Ampukids’, their families and friends, as well as non-amputee children. These events support mutual interaction, integrating amputee children into mixed teams and allowing them to set their own goals. Ampukids events also bring together families, allowing them to exchange their expertise in dealing with all the challenges associated with amputation in childhood.

Every year, Ampukids organises an integrative sports tournament entitled ‘No barriers, just sport!’, bringing together amputee and non-amputee-children. The DFB’s Sepp Hersberger Foundation supports Ampukids in organising this event, which is very well attended and appreciated by all participants. The children form mixed groups and participate in different sports, including a football match. Spectators are often astonished by the creative ways in which the teams integrate their amputee members and easily manage sporting challenges.

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