Location and general information

Location Bosniaand Herzegovina
Start date 02/01/2022
End date 12/31/2022
Cost of the project €46,000
Foundation funding €35,100
Project identifier 20210180
Partners Football Friends
Categories Access to Sport - Gender Equality - Personal development


The main criteria for our target groups: economically underdeveloped neighbourhoods where there are ethnic tensions and greater levels of aggression. The main criteria for the individual participants: social and economic hardships.

Project content

Football Friends – Together is ok! is for children up to the age of 14 and uses the football3 philosophy of mixing genders and ethnicities, ultimately to form teams comprising children from both cities. The activities promote peace-building and tolerance. Teams will be put together during the week in the Viber group chat, with the agreement of the participants, in preparation for games at the weekends. The stated aim is to form mixed teams, half from Foča and half from Goražde.


  • Promote national, ethnical tolerance and cohabitation
  • Use football as the main tool of social development to prevent conflict and promote long-lasting peace
  • Promote girls’ participation in football to alter stereotypes and social roles
  • Empower young people from disadvantaged communities to use football as a tool for progress

Project activities

  • 2 months – Preparation stage and warm-up – first meeting of participants, ice-breaking and getting to know each other, learning about our organisation and best practices
  • 8 months – Football tournaments in Foča and Goražde – two per month
  • 8 months – Workshops, lectures, party

Expected results

  • 1,400 indirect beneficiaries
  • 80 direct beneficiaries
  • 50/50% female/male participants
  • 12–14: average age range of participants
  • Prevention of conflict and the promotion of long-lasting peace
  • Improved relationship between different ethnic groups
  • Altered stereotypes and social roles
  • Greater participation of girls in all football activities


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