Location and general information

Location Romania
Start date 12/01/2022
End date 12/31/2023
Cost of the project €70,000
Foundation funding €70,000
Project identifier 20220457
Partners United Way Romania
Categories Access to Sport - Healthy lifestyle


In Romania, 1 in 4 children have weight problems. The World Obesity Federation estimates that by 2030, 500,000 Romanian children will be obese. According to experts, the main culprits for the increase in the rate of childhood obesity are unhealthy diets, high in salt, sugar and fat, combined with a lack of physical activity.  

These worrying trends reflect the lack of nutritional education of parents and children, the high degree of urbanisation and digitisation, and the aggressive marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages. Another contributing factor is the popular belief that a fat child is a healthy child, which encourages some families to overfeed their children. Due to their lack of education and information about nutrition and the importance of exercise, the parents are not even aware of their children's weight and health issues. 

In the case of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, in large low-income families, or whose parents have gone abroad leaving the children in the care of elderly grandparents, the problems mentioned above are even more serious and increase the likelihood of passing the problem on to the next generation.  

Project goals

The overall goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle at two schools in disadvantaged communities in Bucharest and Ilfov county. The beneficiaries are 800 children aged 7–14 years old. 


  1. Educate children about the importance of a balanced diet and exercise 
  2. Promote sport, through sports activities and team games such as: soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis 
  3. Provide a healthy snack (fruit, cereal bars) during sports activities 
  4. Organise sports days combined with information sessions on the importance of good nutrition and exercise for a healthy life 

Project content

  1. 12 information and education sessions on the importance of a healthy life, once a month at the beneficiaries’ two schools. The age-appropriate sessions will be taught by qualified staff. Beneficiaries: 300 children
  2. Four activities for small groups of pupils, divided into age groups, on topics such as fair play, teamwork and tackling bullying. A session will be held once every three months, for each age group at the two schools involved. Beneficiaries: 300 children
  3. Five sports (football, volleyball, badminton, basketball and ping-pong) in weekly sports sessions before and after school. Beneficiaries: 300 children
  4. Both schools equipped with water supply filters to ensure pupils can keep hydrated with clean water.
  5. Healthy snacks (fruits, cereal bars, dietary supplements) during educational sessions and sports training to improve the beneficiaries’ nutrition and eating habits. Beneficiaries: 300 children for the weekly sports activities and another 500 children during the sports days
  6. Sports days for all 800 children involved.


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