Location and general information

Location Serbia
Start date 02/01/2022
End date 02/01/2023
Cost of the project €90,000
Foundation funding €30,000
Project identifier 20210486
Partners Novak Djokovic Foundation
Categories Access to Sport - Personal development


The role of parents in sports is more important than ever, especially in children’s early years. The Path of a Champion project aims to give parents the education and knowledge they need to provide much-needed support to their children. It will teach parents about the benefits of sport for their children as well as the potential challenges. Studies have shown that 46% of children give up sport by the age of 14 due to stress or pressure from parents to compete.

Project content

The project aims to create a happier and healthier sports environment for children by educating and supporting parents.


  • Improving parents’ knowledge of sport in general
  • Improving parents’ self-regulation skills in the sports environment
  • Improving parents’ ability to motivate their children to start and continue to play sports
  • Educating parents on how to choose a fun and happy sports environment for their children

Project activities

  • Interactive workshops for parents with videos of athletes, their parents and their coaches sharing their experiences and the challenges they faced
  • Online panel discussions and lectures featuring guest speakers, with a live Q&A session for parents

Expected results

  • Improving parents’ knowledge and awareness of the importance of sport for their children’s development and growth
  • Making the sports environment healthier and happier for children, and encouraging more children to get involved in sport


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