Location and general information

Location Portugal, Lisbon and Spain, Barcelona
Start date 01/01/2021
End date 12/31/2021
Cost of the project €31,625
Foundation funding €31,625
Project identifier 20200516
Partners Ayuda en Acción
Categories Access to Sport - Personal development


Most families in the neighbourhoods of Camarate (Portugal) and Sant Ildefons (Spain) are at a social, cultural and economic disadvantage, and many children have an unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits. Fast processed food, incomplete breakfasts and little physical activity are commonplace.

Practical training in healthy habits among the youngest is the best prevention and the most effective and efficient way to contribute to a better world for these children and young people. Research suggests that teenagers, their parents, and teachers alike feel that technology can be a good ally in encouraging healthy habits. The use of technology is effective in helping them to improve and maintain their self-esteem in a fun way and using their own communication codes (mainly audiovisual), based on a holistic and integrated perception of health.

Project content

Fairplay4life is focused on helping teenagers in vulnerable situations lead a healthier lifestyle. Four steps to improve teenagers’ quality of life through healthy lifestyle habits:

  • increase their physical and intellectual performance,
  • achieve and maintain a healthy weight,
  • adopt sustainable consumption habits and
  • reduce food waste.

Face-to-face or virtual workshops will be held at six schools and a health monitoring app will support the process.


The project seeks to pilot a methodology for face-to-face and virtual intervention that will help to ensure children and teens at risk of social exclusion have a healthy diet by increasing their knowledge, self-esteem and self-awareness. The idea behind the activities developed is to give them the skills they need to keep up these habits, including teamwork and sport.

Project activities

A total of ten workshops will be held at six schools in Camarate (Portugal) and Sant Ildefons (Spain) providing theoretical and practical training in healthy habits and sports. Groups of 20 children will attend four sessions. A health monitoring app will be adapted to support the workshop with related content and challenges. The game elements of the app will help the participants put what they have learned into practice in their family environment.

Expected results

A methodology for promoting healthy lifestyle habits will be developed. A total of 200 children and teenagers (in six schools in Portugal and Spain) will benefit from the workshops and health monitoring app. If successful, the workshop may be scaled up to 90 centres.


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