Call for projects 2017

The UEFA Foundation for Children is launching a call for projects on 15 August with the aim of further promoting the fundamental rights of children throughout the world.

To fulfil its objective of helping children and safeguarding their rights, the UEFA Foundation for Children has launched a call for projects for the third consecutive year.

It is aimed at all organisations that share the foundation’s values and have concrete proposals to promote access to sport, health, education, personal development and/or the integration of minorities.

It is open to organisations all over the world and is not limited to those active in the countries of UEFA’s member associations.

Eligibility criteria

Each project proposal will be examined and considered by the UEFA Foundation for Children’s board of trustees in accordance with the foundation’s charter.

The amounts allocated to the selected projects are also determined by the board of trustees, which may decide to fund projects partially or in full.

Special decision-making processes may be applied in emergency situations, also in accordance with the foundation’s charter.


Click here to submit a project proposal. The deadline is 15 September 2017.

Applicants will be informed of the trustees’ decision by 31 October 2017.