A word from the UEFA Foundation for children Chairman

Message from the chairman of the foundation, José Manuel Durão Barroso:

Children are the single most important thing at stake in the world today. They require strong, collective action, not only from the public authorities but from all members of civil society.

Conscious of the role it plays in all four corners of the globe, UEFA has decided to act on behalf of children the world over. This is to the organisation’s great credit and I am delighted to be actively involved in this noble cause.

The aims of the UEFA Foundation for Children are simple yet ambitious, and characterised by a profound humanity. It endeavours to come to the aid of future generations in the fields of health, education, integration of minorities, defence of the rights of the child and, of course, access to sport, in all cases building on the international agreements in place.

UEFA’s commitment in setting up this foundation embodies a desire that has always inspired me, to reach out to those most in need by turning the fundamental values of European civilisation – human dignity, solidarity and hope – into opportunities for our children to improve their lives. Together, we must act to guarantee them a future full of promise. Because by acting on behalf of children today we are shaping the society of tomorrow.


José Manuel Durão Barroso